15 Kas 2018 06:44

Puyol: Dembele must reflect and think about things


Whilst participating in the solidarity tournament of paddle XAP to sbobet online 24 raise funds in the fight against cancer for Sant Joan de Deu hospital, former Barcelona captain Carles Puyol has suggested that Ousmane Dembele needs to reflect on his actions over the past few weeks.Despite many predicting a Camp Nou exit for the Frenchman, Puyol believes the situation is recoverable."Dembele is young, I'm not in the dressing room and I don't know the day to day," he said to reporters."The team have to help him because it's not easy to adapt to the philosophy of Barcelona where everything is very different."Here he's arrived late to training and he must learn that isn't good enough."He has good teachers who will help him, but it will depend on his attitude. "It's important that he reflects and thinks about things, sbobet online 24 because when you're young you don't realise what you are letting go."Puyol emphasised the role of respecting the group, suggesting that, perhaps, Dembele hasn't done so to this point."In the management of a dressing room there are problems every day because there are many egos in there," he continued."We all believe that we are the best and we must play, and the job for the coach to choose."The important thing then is the attitude of each player, because being ambitious is fine, but respecting the group is always above that. http://sboasianbet.com
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