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Baptistao's tears hurt


What do you want me to say? For me, แทง บอล ออนไลน์ the image of Leo Baptistao crying on the bench after being replaced in the 88th minute against Leganes hurt me.Yes, it hurt, because he himself feels the frustration for not scoring; he knows better than anyone else.Baptistao remembers the occasions when he didn't score and laments himself after each match but, still, he was whistled by parts of the crowd at the RCDE Stadium.The Brazilian fell apart with anger and sadness because it's one thing to be bullied and taunted by other fans, แทง บอล ออนไลน์ but to have it done to you by your own hurts.?For your own people to criticise you, it is hard to take.It does not matter how badly you played, it hurts to know that you have failed your fans and your family.Yes, they will tell me that they pay a lot and the critics envy the player's salary but, okay, Baptistao's tears hurt me.The 26-year-old left his everything on the pitch and he is a player who is involved with the club, both inside and outside of the dressing room.His face this morning, however, was different.Baptistao's teammates and Rubi are with him, as are the rest of the club, and this was shown when Espanyol's director of football, Rufete, gave him a loving hug on the pitch. http://xn--72c5ahadc8eb0czaba7wza0a4k.com
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