31 Eki 2017 16:55

New Chatbox Coming

New 'speed-mode' refresh system nspired by the architecture behind all good 4chan-style imageboard scripts, this system replaces the extremely server-intensive calls to a PHP script on every refresh with a static HTML file that is rewritten when someone posts a message. This creates a level of efficiency previously only reachable by embedded IRC chatrooms or custom server software. And the best part? It works on shared hosting. Where previously maybe 10 or 20 people could chat on a low refresh time like 1 or 2 seconds without having an effect on server load and site speed, now most servers should have absolutely no problem handling hundreds of concurrent users. (Note that this system makes it possible for users who know what they are doing to view (not post) shoutbox messages regardless of permissions - be sure to disable it if you plan on posting private data in shoutbox messages. For the vast majority of uses (even as a members-only or VIP chat), this is not an issue and it can be safely enabled.) Persistent message colours and colour picker Inspired by vSA ChatBox, users can now pick a colour to use for all their messages - this improves overall readability as messages can be identified at a glance. Plus, instead of having to figure out the [color] bbcode and fiddle with hex codes, there is now a full colour picker. For more details : video landing page
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