22 Kas 2017 15:22

What you think about Online Only games ?

Hi people what you think about Online Only games at all and which is releasing today ?

And you think that Online Only games becoming trend ? because I don´t like playing Online, I enjoying playing Offline Single-Player Campaign even in Call of Duty or playing Offline Multi-Player with bots.

I´m just an Offline guy and I´m afraid that I´m not gonna have any new games to play in the future on Next-Gen Systems. because I see that lot of games now on Next-Gen Systems is Online Only Games. I think that is it only some mania by developers because Next-Gen Systems is more faster for Online playing than Last-Gen Systems and the Games soon come back to normal style of games (Offline Single-Player and Online Multi-Player) for taste of every player like is it before when Last-Gen Systems released.

You remember ? - Warhawk, Starhawk, MAG, Battlefield 1943... at the beggining.


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