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Metin2 server (tips, tips, suggestions).


we are going to make a private server for the metin2 game. "It's not an ad". I would like your advice and tips on the programs and things that I will need and will be useful (it is clear that the virtual box, port map ..) I would leave permission.
1. Adjust items (armor, weapons etc.) briefly what kind of programs?
(2. CERTIFIED ) I do not know now if there is a hosting on the site, we mostly need free space on the client, database and overall site. The client will be gradually upgraded because of the need for a GB .. reservation or some internet space (we do not want ulozto.c .. we want some that is credible.)
3. Server monitoring (stability, statistics, load even ping) ip address of the server. Shortly what kind of programs?
4. Components I suspect 4gb ram and 500w + source. CPU and GK I do not think it is necessary to exaggerate briefly what source, ram (2gb is enough or I will have to buy?)
5. Chladiče a ventilátory, because the pc will be a little torture and will go full time so it needs to cool, so as to be as cheap as possible). (CPU, GK and one / two in the box?)
6. I would ask if all the programs, the server ... or will I need some emulator or substitutes?

Please help

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