10 Kas 2018 10:31

Wenger: Why Sanchez Is Struggling At Man Utd

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has wap sbobet explained why he believes Chilean superstar Alexis Sanchez is struggling to find his feet at Jose Mourinho's Manchester United.Since his arrival at United in January, the 29-year-old has frustrated the club's supporters, and perhaps his boss too, with a number of below-average performances.Wenger, who is yet to return to management, feels the former Gunners winger is lacking in self-belief at the moment, but also thinks his recent time out of the team might have done him good."I believe he has lost confidence," the Frenchman told beIN SPORTS."The strength of Alexis Sanchez is to take initiative to wap sbobet dribble and to take people on."Those are the players who are most vulnerable when they lose confidence, their game is based on that and having that feeling to take initiative, he has lost that slowly."Since the start of the season, he had a high level of physical energy but he has lost that as well."Certainly, he is refreshed now wap sbobet because Mourinho left him out for a while." Sanchez, the highest-paid player at United, has scored just four goals in 28 matches since he signed for the Red Devils.
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