21 Ara 2018 10:21

Pep Sends Support To Rival Mourinho

Pep Sends Support To Rival Mourinho
Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho have had their differences in sbo222 the past, but the Manchester City manager has now given his support to the former Manchester United manager.Mourinho was relieved of his duties on Tuesday following the Red Devils' 3-1 loss to Liverpool in their latest Premier League encounter.Guardiola and Mourinho had a big rivalry during their time together in LaLiga, which often involved words and a touchline scuffle.However, the City manager had some kind words for the Portuguese this week."When that happens, always I am sad for the mangers, all the time," Guardiola told Sky Sports."We are alone, sbo222 the managers – when the situation is not good we are alone."Always I am close to them. In football, that happens."You know what happens when you are sad. It is because the results are not good
"He doesn't need me, he is so strong. Soon he is going to sbo222 come back and we will play again."
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